Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ventilating Your Chicken Coop - Chicken Coops Design .

Very similar to humans and all the other animals, chickens need to have lots of breathing room to remain in optimal health. The difficulty is compounded for chickens because, unlike most humans, you also need to stress about the droppings which your birds excrete. These droppings are high in ammonia, which is just as lethal to poultry as it is to us. Chickens also don't like stiflingly enclosed spaces or the heat which can accrue inside them.There are also methods which require employing a wire mesh rather than solid walls for the entire coop, but these are often not a good idea unless you live in a very temperate temperate climate with few predators. Wire mesh will not look after your birds from drafts and rain, which they don't care for, and will also not give them a "safe" feeling place to hide from any predators.You may use the natural way that airflow moves to your own advantage when doing this part of your design, and duck having to pay for dear mechanical airflow systems. Remember that warm air rises, so that by putting a window towards the pinnacle of your coop, you may permit it to escape and keep the air near the bottom more fresh. While it's correct that chickens usually like cooler temperatures, they don't like it to be too cold. If you live in a climate where the weather gets cold during the winter months, you may wish to consider installing windows that let you to change how much they are open. This will allow you to leave the windows open a tiny crack during the cold season, just enough to let out the off air without making your birds too cold. Hens who are too cold will not lay nearly as many eggs, so it's generally a good idea to monitor the temperature when you ventilate your coop. During the hotter seasons of the year, ventilation is important as it will keep your chickens cool. It also, across the year, keeps moisture levels down, which helps to decrease the danger of illness from ammonia or carbon monoxide, the unchecked buildup of which can even lead to death in extreme cases. If you have money to spend, it is feasible to get a mechanical air-conditioning system for your chicken coop, except for smaller setups, this is mostly not necessary. Huge birds farms which have lots of chickens in one huge barn structure frequently use these systems, which differ shockingly tiny from the aircon units used in people's homes..To learn more about how to design your own chicken house visit - Chicken Coop Designs